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About KG

Kitchen Gizmos is the place where you can find cool, weird and very useful gadgets to use for your kitchen.

You will find:

  • Detailed reviews of certain kitchen gadget products
  • Value for money, luxurious & popular kitchen gadgets
  • Kitchen gadget recommendations based on my research


Our Team Me

About Kitchen Gizmos - Zisis Tsiftzis
The man behind the curtain

My name is Zisis, I am 39 years old and I am from Greece.

My main occupation is to increase website visibility (SEO) and I also have some experience in Web Development and Design.

However, my interests do not stop there. I am also into basketball, tennis, gardening, and I LOVE to KEEP my kitchen TIDY.

What makes me a Kitchen Gadget expert?

I am definitely not a certified Kitchen Gadget Expert (I wonder if such certification exists??).

I am only analyzing & researching kitchen gadgets that I find interesting. This doesn’t mean that I own those gadgets.

However, in my reviews, I will write my opinion based on the research that I did (just as I would if I wanted to buy these products for my kitchen!).